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What We Provide

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Project Development

The Optimal team has the ability, experience and expertise to deliver high quality commercial and utility scaled projects. At Optimal Tech, we combine our technical, structural, and financial solutions to ensure that projects are on time and under budget.

Expert Advice

The Optimal team is experienced commercialization experts, inventors, and business professionals. We seek to enhance your profitability and use sustainable practices to enhance your operations creating a triple bottom line.

New Technology

We are out of the box thinkers. We have and constantly develop state of the art hardware and software to improve client's operational efficiency and costs. If you are not satisfied with good enough, learn more about why our technology is Optimal.



"What is VIA?"

VIA is one of our proprietary technologies. We named the company based on it. VIA strategically manages the OPTIcal and therMAL properties of the solar module. And with that OPTIMAL was born. Because we are a technology corporation, the rest was straight forward. This video demonstrates how the technology works. Find out more under Technology.   


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